Getting Around Louisville

When looking to come into Louisville from far distances, the most convenient option would be to fly into Louisville International Airport, which serves the city and surrounding communities. The airport handles over 170,000 commuter flights and nearly 3.3 million passengers each year, which makes it one of the busiest airports in state. About a dozen different airlines, including American Airlines, Delta, and US Airways, all operate flights out of the city. Direct flights are available to many major US cities including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Baltimore, and Detroit.

Another option for getting into Louisville would be to take a bus. The Greyhound Bus Lines national bus system operates several buses in and out of the city on a daily basis. Direct routes are available to several major cities including Chicago, Illinois, and Columbus, Ohio. Travelers that are looking to take a bus into Louisville could ultimately connect there from any major city in the country.

An additional way to get into Louisville, Kentucky, would be to drive. The city is served directly by several major roadways including I-64, I-65, I-71, and I-264. Drivers that are looking to come into Louisville could get to the city within a reasonable amount of time from several different cities. Lexington, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio, are both located about 90 minutes away. Indianapolis, Indiana, is about a two-hour drive away and St Louis, Missouri, is about a four-hour drive from the Louisville city center.

Once inside the city of Louisville, there are a variety of public transportation options. The most expansive public transportation option is the bus system that is operated by the Transit Authority of River City. This bus system is the busiest public transportation system in the city as it has over 50 different bus routes, which serve virtually all areas of the city. Over one hundred thousand passengers utilize the bus service on a weekly basis.

Beyond the bus system in Louisville, an additional public transportation option would be to take the trolley service. The Toonerville II Trolley system is a small system of trolleys that run routes throughout the central business district. While it is an option for public use, the trolleys are largely used by tourists that are looking for an affordable way to site see in the city. Trolleys typically run every thirty minutes and are used by around five thousand people each day.